eSoftPos Q & A

no. 1 How to Install eSoftPos? admin 2013/12/26
1. Insert the eSoftPos CD into your CD/DVD-ROM

2. When the AutoPlay window pops up, click "Run setup.exe"

3. Click "Yes" on the Your Account Control Window

4. Click "Yes" on the Welcome window for MS-Sql Express setup

5. After this, it will takes 4 - 8 minutes (depending on your computer) to install MS Sql Server
           *** do not interrupt ***

6. Click "Next" on the Setup - eSoftPOS window

7. Check "I accept the agreement" after reading the License Agreement and click "Next" on the License Agreement window

8. Click "Next" on the Select Destination Location (Accept the default value)

9. Click "Next" on the Select Start Menu Folder (Accept the default value)

10. Click "Next" on the Select Additional Task (Accept default value)

11. Click "Install" on Ready to Install

12. Click "Finish" to complete

13. Now the setup screen will come up. Enter your business name, address, Taxrate, etc.
      After filling these out, click the "OK" button to save.

14. Now the system creates the initial database and will show a "Please Restart Program" message.
       Click "OK" to finish

15. You can find the eSoftPos Icon on your desktop screen
    Click this icon to launch the eSoftPos Program

16. When you launch the program for the first time, you will see a "CD Key Required" window

You can find your CD-Key on your CD cover

17. Now you have a login screen, and the system default cashier is 
      Cashier: admin,   Password:admin

18. You are now finished installing eSoftPos and will see the main screen