eSoftPos Q & A

no. 11 Print POS Receipt doesnot print correctly (on version 2.5) admin 2014/01/04
Fix problem by simply updating program or changing "syscon.ini"

1.  Updating Program

     Go "Utility-> Upgrade eSoftPos", click "OK" button to update program

2.  Changing "syscon.ini"(If you donot have internet connection for updating program, then do this) 
      If you updated program, you donot need to do this!!

      Find eSoftPos icon on your desktop screen, right mouse click on eSoftPos icon to open popup menu

on eSoftPos property, click "Open File Location"

on window explorer find "syscon.ini" on right window, double click "syscon.ini" to open file

on syscon.ini, find the line which has "PosPrinter=", change to "PosPrinter=A1"
and save "syscon.ini" 

Now even without updating program, you are going to have receipt print out.