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no. 2 Quick Start (Can I use this POS system in 10 Minutes?) admin 2013/12/26

Getting Started with eSoftPos POS Software

As a practical business owner, you want to focus all your time and energy on generating revenue for your business.
Because you want to sell your products immediately, you trust that eSoftPos -The Easiest POS on Earth - will take care of
keeping track of your sales, providing you accurate business feedback and letting you stay on top of your business.
Staying ahead of the competition has never been this easy.
Quick start guide.
Connect a Barcode Reader
Connect a POS Printer 
Connect a Cash Drawer (Generally, the Cash drawer should have a connector to a POS Printer)
Connect a Pole Display (If the connection is USB, assign a com port to that USB)
*Start the program by double clicking the  Icon on your desktop window.

*Login by entering the user name as "admin" and the password as "admin"

*Now you will see the main screen of eSoftPos. Here is a brief explanation of the main window:

*Start by adding your employees by "Utility -> User Setup"

*On the user list window click "New" to add an employee

*Fill up the space with the employee''s name and password (Check the "System Access" box if this employee is a manager)

*After saving this information, the employee will be added on the "User List "Window"

 *Now go back to the main window, choose "File -> Inventory Quick Add" to add some items quickly

*Add some items using this simple format shown below or import it from an excel format (it has the same format sequence)

*Back to the main window, you can start selling by entering the item code or scanning the UPC/Item barcode or selecting a desired item from the item lookup window (Press the "F2" Key to bring up this item lookup window)

*By pressing the "F11" key or clicking the button to bring up the Tendering window, you may distribute money for a multiple pay method

*After tendering, the system will automatically print out a receipt and open tcash drawer (if you installed cash drawer)

This shows you how to go through the Point of sale processing.

For detailed processing, you may go to the "How to in Detail" section on Q & A