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no. 3 Can I have a sample data to practice? admin 2013/12/26
How to use sample data for practicing
*Before using the sample data, please backup your data first

This page will show you how to use sample data in detail

1. First, backup your current data (even if you haven''''t entered any data yet, it may have your CD Key, Store Info, etc on it) by going to "Utility -> Backup Data"

2. On your screen, "backup140101" will be your backup set name, click "Backup Now"

3. Now go to "Utility->Restore"

4. On the restore data screen, select "\testdata" first and click the "Restore Now" button

5. After it has finished, please restart the program. Now you can play with the sample data
*Here are some screen shots with data:

** After playing around with the sample data, you should restore your real data, which you backed up before using the sample data
Go "Utility->Restore Data"

** Select the backup set name, which you backed up, and click the "Restore Now" button to restore your real data

  Now you have your original data back, and you can process your daily POS activity.