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no. 5 eSoftPos - Data Sheet admin 2013/12/26

Data Sheet

eSoftPos Retail Management System offers an easy-to-use, flexible solution to help you manage daily POS operation and store wide performance. This software can be used as a stand alone application in individual stores, as well as a multi-store application combined with the eLandware HQ software. 

Here is a feature list for eSoftPos Retail Management System
Point of Sale Operations
  • Unlimited line items in a transaction
  • Accepts both item code and UPC code/item barcode
  • Adds Item at transaction
  • Can setup option to change price at transaction
  • Can discount Items at transaction
  • Supports multi-tender transactions
  • Can hold and recall transactions
  • Simple but robust Void and refund at POS
  • Can set up system to make copies of receipts when printing
  • Reprints receipts
  • Prints packing slips
  • Employee log sheet
  • Setup different price for customers
  • Change customer easily at transaction
  • Change back "Walk-In" customer using only one key
  • Adds customer at transaction
  • Tracks customer information
  • Views daily sales graph at the POS screen
Inventory Control, Tracking and P/O
  • Categorize items
  • Track and manage all inventory types
  • Attach item pictures
  • Different price levels
  • Sales price support
  • One touch item in/out tracking
  • Quick add inventory module
  • Import from excel sheet
  • Web like power search
  • All fields are sortable
  • Vendor management
  • Purchase Order
  • Shipment Receiving
  • Manually adjust inventory by recording activity
  • Account payable
  • Standard computer check support
  • Hot item tracking by period
  • Item shortage tracking
Customer Control and Call Tracking
  • Web like power search
  • All fields sortable
  • Sales trace for individual customer
  • Sales price level setup for customers
  • Call tracking support
  • On call memo support
  • Unlimited memo support for each customer
  • Import from Excel sheet
  • Export to Excel
Advanced Features
  • Daily Scheduling with calendar form
  • Scheduling reminder popup on main screen
  • Built in "Backup and Restore"
  • Customize AP, Payment and receipt no.
  • Measurement Converter
  • Built in "Upgrade Program"
  • Can change store logo
  • User setup with security
  • Can integrate with eLandware Headquarters software