eSoftPos Q & A

no. 6 How to process inventory, PO and payment? admin 2013/12/26
A. How to setup inventory

1. Go to "File->Inventory" and you will see the next screen
All functionalities are explained on screen below

2. When you add a new item, click the "New" button
You will see the next screen below with the explanations
   * Itemcode must be unique
   * Price1, price2, price3 => regular price
     Sale Price, SP2, SP3 => event or on sale price
   * If it is a consignment item, check the consignment box

  3. How to add a picture
    * First select "Add Picture" on the "Select ==>" drop box
    * Choose a picture for this item

B. How to setup Vendor

1. Go to "File->Vendor"
To add a new vendor, click the "New" button
The other functionalities are all the same as the previous "item list window" from #1 in section A

2. When you are done, click "Save" to record the vendor information

C. How to process Purchase Order and Item receipt

1. Go to "File->PO/AP Invoice"
You will see an empty "Account Payable(PO)" screen with an explanation below

2. To create a New PO, click the "New" button

*After entering some data, save this new PO by clicking the "OK" button

*When the shipment has been received, click the "Receive PO and Inventory Update" button to close the PO and update your inventory
At this moment, an AP payable is generated automatically, and the inventory onhand will be updated too

D. How to process Payment

*Now you can go to "File->Enter Payable"
Click the "New" button to make a payment
   1) Enter the vendor code on the vendor code field (or click the camera icon to list vendors)
   2) Enter the check No in the box
   3) Select the AP that you want to pay
   4) If it is a partial pay, then adjust the pay amount by typing the amount
   5) Click "OK" to save

*After saving the payment check, click "preview" to have a print view for this check and click the "Print" button to print it out on a blank check.