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no. 8 How to process Point of Sale? admin 2013/12/26

How to process Point of Sale?

1. Here is a brief explanation of the main screen

 2. If the customer is not a Walk-In customer, press "F5" to bring up the customer list. Type the phone no, address, or name and double click the highlighted customer to bring up to the main screen.

Now, type in the Item Code or scan the UPC/Item Barcode to bring up to the screen with its information

If the customer brings more than one of the same item, press "CTRL-F1" to increase qtys, or press "CTRL-F2" to decrease Qtys

When you scan all items the customer brought, press "F11" to tender money

On the small tendering window, change the amount with cursor key up and down.

You can have a multiple pay method by distributing the amount

Here is a screen capture for better comprehension:


3. When you are done, it will print the POS receipt and show the next screen to show that the transaction is completed

4. On the main screen, click "List Sales Slip" to bring down the next screen

 5. On the screen shown above, click the "Bring Up" button to edit or refund the selected transaction
You can see the next screen as shown below
As you can see, you can make a partial refund
When you are done, press "F11" to process the refund

6. On the main screen, press "CTRL-F5" to bring up the graphical representation for sales