eSoftpos Reviews

Are you a small, independent retailer who needs to upgrade your business for greater efficiency—and productivity—through automation? You are not alone. More businesses are leaving their old cash registers and manual processes behind and implementing computer-based automated solutions. Power POS system can help ease this transition, and many small retailers are already seeing dramatic improvements. Power POS System has been adopted by a wide variety of retailers, from small owner-operated businesses and specialty boutiques to larger companies with small chains. The system is ideal for retailers that have anywhere from one to 50 store locations.
We have the experience needed to help our clients streamline their business management process. By utilizing retail point of sale software designed by our team, executives have experienced clarity in the transaction process while enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing their bottom line.

• Point-of-sale operations
Retail transactions, Suspend/Recall Transaction, UPC/Item both lookup, Cashier Log, Refund, Price look-up, Sales associate tracking, Tendering, Taxation
• Inventory control and tracking
Inventory Tracing, Purchase History, Image Control, Inventory Adjust, Quick Add, Bulk Import from Excel
• Customer management and marketing
Call Track, Price level Setting, Contact Information, Sales History, Bulk Import from Excel
• Purchase Order and Account Payable
Create PO and AP, Vendor Control, Vendor History, Inventory Receipt, AP Check Processing, Computer Check Support, Sales History, Bulk Import from Excel
• Reporting
Top Performance Analysis, Customer,Inventory Tracing, Sales Journal, Vendor/Item, Item/Tax, Sales/PayType, Station/Cashier, Graphical Analysis by Category/Cashier/Supplier/Hour...
• Advanced Controls
To-Do Scheduleing, Vendor Control, User Security, Measurement Convertor, Built-In Backup/Restore, Built-In Program Update, Importing Data

eSoftPos Program is adaptable to a variety of retail segments and has the flexibility to be configured based on individual store requirements. With functionality specific to your needs and our simple user interface, you’ll enjoy very powerful retail POS systems requiring less training time for employees, while providing a quick and accurate checkout process for your customers.