Textile Software
Fabric Printing

Manufacturing Software

Operations solutions for Fabric Manufacturing Process.
Power Dye, Power Knit, Power Print for fabric printing and also we provide integrated WEB solution for manufacturing WIP.

Power Dye: Dyeing Manufacturing Software
     Features includes standard style, labdip, real time dye schedule and maintain, dyeing formular, manufacturing, Q.C.,
     packing and invoiceing... (Optional data interchange with dispensing system)

Power Knit: Knitting/Converting Software
     Features includes yarn inventory control, Order tracking, WIP, knitting schedule and maintain, lot split, yarn transfer,
     packing and invoiceing, P/O and AP...

Power Print: Fabric Printing Software
     Features includes design , color way, strike off, printing schedule and maintain, chemical and dyestuff control, WIP,
     packing and invoiceing, commission...

Structure of Power Dye