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Complete Point of Sale Solutions

Are you a small, independent retailer who needs to upgrade your business for more efficiency and productivity through automation? You are not alone. More businesses are leaving their old cash registers and manual processes behind and implementing computer-based automated solutions. This POS system can help to ease this transition. Many small retailers are already seeing dramatic improvements using this software. eSoftPos System has been adopted by a wide variety of retailers, from small owner-operated businesses and specialty boutiques to larger companies with small chains. The system is ideal for retailers that have anywhere from 1 to 50 store locations.

Landware is a highly customizable and powerful solution for managing business enterprises. It controls all aspects of a business, such as sales and purchase orders, accounts receivable/payable, inventory management, and check control. Improve your company’s efficiency by simplifying business processes, make intelligent decisions with the help of analytical reports and enhance communication between departments – all through a single, easy-to-use software.

This is a personal expense management system that also provides professional expense analysis.
Functionalities include creating checks, bank management, account transfer, deposit and GL management.
It also provides bank reconcile, check reconcile and trial balance. With this software, you can easily control your expenses, as well as preparing your tax report.
This is free software, you can download this software by clicking here

Power Dye
This dye house management software includes manufacturing process, lab control, dyeing, formula control, customer follow-up, lot control, scheduling, real time work processing, chemical and dyestuff inventory control, employee incentive control, as well as packing and invoicing. The system supports optional interface with a dispensing system and optional web interface, which interacts with customers. We have 25+ Dye House Plant customers in the Los Angeles Area as well as Asia.

Power Converting/Knitting
The software for Fabric Convertor or knitting plant provides customer PO schedule, knitting processing, dye order and print order, as well as packing and invoice. You can have robust yarn control in detail and also lot inventory in accuracy. As a knitting plant, you have a manufacturing process too.

Power Printing
This software is for fabric printing plants.
It features include design, color way, strike off, printing schedule and maintenance, chemical and dyestuff control, WIP, packing and invoicing, commission, and much more.

Power Sewing
Power Sewing is user-friendly and easy to implement apparel software
It features include style and production sheet,bill of materials,WIP and tracking,care label,inventory control, invoicing and A/R, purchase order and A/P,optional Quickbook integration...