Services for you

We offer services for business automation, e-Commerce, manufacturing process and cloud base data management. Other services include keyword advertising, search engine optimization and various advertisement campaigns to allow you to better expose your business to potential customers on the web.

Here are our major services list.
eSoftPos, Landware, Manufacturing Software and eCommerce packages can be integrated all together to make an integrated solution, high-end management of the supply chain
Built with the robust ASP.NET/C# language, our solution offers a full range of e-commerce functionality, beginning with a full-featured inventory display, front-end shopping cart, real-time transaction processing, high-end customer and order management, and an order processing and fulfillment system that includes shipment and post-order management.
Marketing & Promotion
What good is a high-tech e-commerce or corporate site if nobody knows about it? eSoftLand offers affordable marketing campaigns for every budget utilizing our internet advertising know-how to achieve the greatest return on your investment. Our experienced marketing team will guide your online store and make sure it receives maximum exposure around the web.
Business Solution
Database design, implementation and population. We can build and implement your custom database as a business in office solution or as a web application. We can also design and build a fully scalable database application to suit your specific business need. Please contact us for a consultation today!
Remote Support
Please click this icon to Download remote controller.
After installing remote control, please provide us ID to support remotely